Just realized after I posted this that the first picture I took is upside down, whoops. Ive had this watch for a little over a year and it is a great watch, water resistant and scratch proof. Stainless steel compound, gold plated, big face watch. I had it sized in Lancaster city for my wrist and have the two links I had removed. Tells time by the hour, minute, second, day, numerical day, and mi...
Sterling Silver Genuine Gemstone Tassle Pendant w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,Pendant is 3" long and very bold and pretty,,Genuine Amythest,,Garnet & Moonstone,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Ruby Oval Pendant w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,This is real Ruby,, its the Corundum, the rough part that cant be used to facet,,Blood Red color,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Genuine African Amethyst w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,,3 ct Oval Stone,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Genuine Malachite Dangle Earrings,,,3 " long,,,Beautiful shade of vibrant green in time for spring,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Genuine Amethyst Heart Drop Pendant w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,Very Feminine,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Bold Oval Hoops,,3" long,,,Slightly Curved,,High Polished,,Made in Italy,,BRAND NEW,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Teardrop Pendant w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,,Handmade in India,,Stamped on the back but I cannot put up more than 1 photo,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl Pendant w/ 18" Pearl & Hematite Sterling Necklace,,,Very Feminine Petite Peice,,Also Stamped on the back,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Double Oval Pendant w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,Handmade in Mexico,,Artists Enitials are on the back of this unique peice,,A little on the bold side,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Bold Ribbed Band Ring,,Size 7,,Very Highly Polished & Refleftive,,so smooth,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Freshwater Pearl from the "HONORA" COLLECTION,,8" long,,Grey Pearls,,,Comes w/ Silk Pouch & Romance Card,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Blue Topaz & Diamond Pendant w/ 20" Sterling Silver Singapore Chain,,6 cts of Beautiful Sky Blue Topaz & Blue & White Diamonds,,The Stampings are on the back,,,Comes in box,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Genuine Gemstone Pendant w/ 18" Sterling Silver Chain,,,Amethyst,Garnet & Petidot,,Beautiful Feminine Peice,,Handmade in India,,,Nice for Springtime,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Genuine Kingman Turqious Pendant w/ 24" Sterling Silver Rope Chain,,Bold Round Pendant w/ Sterling Markings on the back,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver "NICKY BUTLER" Pendant,, 5 cts of Beautiful Sky Blue Topaz,,Handmade in India,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver "NICKY BUTLER" Chandelier Garnet Earrings,,,Beautiful Cherry Red Garnets,,2 1/4" long,, Handmade in India,,Markings are on the back,,,Very Dramatic & Flirty,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Genuine Labadorite Bold Oval Ring,,Size 8,,,NEVER WORN
Sterling Silver Wavy Band Ring,,Size 7,,Highly Polished,,NEVER WORN